Our Story
Best Boneless Wing in the World
Why did the chicken cross the road?
This has been a question we asked for the longest time. Here at StuffedWing, we believe the chicken crossed the road to our homes to bring us one thing that no other food can rival, yes, even home cooking – a perfectly battered, deep fried golden brown juicy chicken wing and above all, with all Bones Removed And Stuffed with Goodness.
Boneless Full 3 Joint Wings Stuffed With Awesomeness
We believe that Stuffedwing will change the face of chicken wings forever. We first take a full large 3-joint wing, skillfully remove all the bones and passionately stuffed them with the most awesome combinations you can ever imagine.
Simply Boneless Goodness For Everyone
Our unique selling proposition makes our product a difficult cuisine to be replicated by others – special time-consuming skills in deboning, the cumulative culinary expertise of “Wingular Gastronomy” by our creative chefs with decades of experimentation in blending homegrown flavors stuffings into the wings that make this such a special product.
Our signatures include all-time favorite Original Stuffed Prawns, Ultra Sedap Nasi Lemak, OMGooey Mac & Cheese, Shiok Salted Egg Prawns, and Tantalizing Curry Potatoes.
A proud wingular gastronomic product from Singapore brought to the world to disrupt the chicken wing industry – this is StuffedWing.